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Tanya Bits
Judaism is not about disconnecting from the physical to reach the Divine, but bringing the Divine into the physical.
Shabbat Hagadol
Parshat Tzav
Some things just have a natural lifespan, and then they cease to serve a purpose.
The Magazine
There’s a saying: “Passover cleaning is not spring cleaning, dirt is not chametz, and children are not the paschal sacrifice.”

Dear Readers,

I recently went to celebrate the engagement of a young woman in our community. Several months ago, on the holiday of Simchat Torah, she approached me to ask me for a blessing that she should meet her soulmate. A little high on the happiness of the holiday, I wholeheartedly blessed her that she should find her bashert (intended) before the end of the year. She told me that she...

The greatest victory is not in fighting evil, but rather, transforming it into good.
— What Happens When You Transform Your Enemy
Handy Household Hacks
Orange Peel

Have a foul odor in your kitchen you just can’t seem to get rid of? Try baking an orange peel in your oven. This will help to dissipate the bad smell and replace it with a good one.

Change Yourself

If you want to change something in a child, first examine if it is something that should be changed in you.

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