Welcome to Chai Tots Preschool. The following are answers we have formulated to some commonly asked questions. Take a few minutes to browse through these FAQ's and you'll have a better understanding of what our preschool is all about. 

My family is Reform/Conservative/Observant/Not observant- will we feel comfortable at Chai Tots Preschool? 
Yes! CTP is a warm, inclusive environment. We are proud of our diverse background of families. We have been successful at creating an environment that is true to our mission of community, caring and respect. 

What is a typical day at Chai Tots?
There is nothing typical about a day at Chai Tots Preschool! Each class has a different tempo and the teachers are very in tune with the needs of the children. The children have a long morning hour of work activities, all addressing the skills of early childhood, like math, science, pre-writing, literacy, art, fine motor, sensory and more. Children have outdoor time each day – weather permitting. There is a small and large circle time which includes songs, movement and storytelling. There is snack, lunch, and dramatic play with blocks, dress up, kitchen and more.

What is the primary language spoken at Chai Tots Preschool?   
English. However children are exposed to Hebrew language in the classes as well. We integrate Hebrew songs, sight words as well as some conversational Hebrew throughout the day.e Hebrew songs, sight words as well as some conversational Hebrew throughout the day. 

What types of foods are served?  
Our preschoolers eat a healthy balance of fruits and vegetables for snack each day.

Does your preschool offer different options for days of enrollment? 
You have the option to apply to Chai Tots for two, three or five days. 

Are any of your staff members certified in CPR and First Aid? 
At least one teacher in every class is certified in CPR and First Aid. Every classroom is equipped with a first aid kit.

What aspects of Judaism does Chai Tots Preschool incorporate into the curriculum?  
At Chai Tots Preschool, we intend to give the children a warm, loving Jewish experience. Jewish traditions, blessings and prayers through songs are taught as well as learning about the Jewish holidays as they come up on the calendar.

How do you keep the parents updated on preschool news etc?  
We believe that for all components of the school to work in harmony, the home- school relationship plays an integral role. To ensure that home and school work in concert - with consistent goals and messages –we welcome all questions, suggestions, and concerns. It is our hope that your entire family will become active participants in our greater school community and all it has to offer.

We send home a daily note with each child, indicating what snacks and lunches were served, how the child ate, the child’s disposition, as well as teacher comments when necessary. Each week, our teachers send home a newsletter updating our parents on what took place in their classrooms. We also send out a weekly email with additional updates, important information for parents, and a link to pictures of the week. Additionally we have Family Holiday Programs and Parent Volunteer opportunities.