From your Chabad Rabbis and Rebbetzins around the state, the Jewish Academy will be starting its spring semester THIS WEEK, with dozens of learning opportunities offered to the community at large.

All educational programs are FREE and open to the general public. No affiliation is necessary.

Join us here:  learn-chabadwi.org



Madison Virtual Torah Learning

Monday, 1 PM - Women's Tanya Class at  https://zoom.us/j/643626970 

Monday, 7:30 PM - Torah in Depth 

Wednesday, 6:30 PM - Pirkei Avot (Ethics of our Fathers) weekly class. 

Tuesday, 7 PM - Weekly Parshah class.

Wednesday, 1 PM - Women's Parshah class https://zoom.us/j/288934101 


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Meeting ID: 608 231 3450



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