My kids are excited to go every week anticipating the games,crafts and fun while learning Hebrew.They come back home inspired and full of smiles.
Romy Arenson
My son Noah (11) and daughter Mira (9) LOVE ❤️ Hebrew school, it is our only weekly activity that they both never want to miss and excitedly look forward to all week !!!!! Mira “loves her friends and teachers” and loves the pace of the learning environment and materials “they help me learn little by little “ she says and is very proud of how far she has come on her Hebrew alphabet in such a short time !!!
Noah who I was a bit hesitant about enrolling has so much pride in his accomplishments at Hebrew school and says that he “ loves that u can earn stuff(prizes and passes to local attractions) by participating in class” he also loves “ the special holiday foods that we get to make and eat” chocolate chip challa for the Jewish new year and “supper yummy “ doughnuts at the haunakka party !!!! 
As a mom of 5 kids I love that my kids love going and are learning so much about what it means to be Jewish and the customs ,holidays,and traditions and Hebrew !!!! 
I can’t thank the Chabaud enough for inviting our family into ther family to experience this amazing community. I love that they have family events that I can attend w my younger children and the warm and inclusive spirit of the community. In the short time my kids have been attending I have seen so many positive changes in my kids and have re-examined my own connections to my Jewish heratage. It brings me so much joy to that my family can learn together in such an inspirational environment.
Danielle Rosales 

Hebrew School has been an exciting educational experience for my children. It combines the learning of language and traditions in a fun, relaxed and engaging atmosphere, where children look forward to attending School each week.
Asya Alexanderovich 
Jaime looks forward to Hebrew School every Sunday and has learned so much about all the holidays. 
Jeremy Tunis